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"This company has given reliable transportation since i began riding with them three years ago. They always worked with my schedule and fit me into theirs. They have never let me down whenever I needed a ride."

James Huntington

Lives in: Leesburg
"I have rode with this company since it began in 1987. I have watched it not only grow but thrive through the years. It has always impressed me with its dedication to the customers they transported."

Dian Fitzgerald

Lives in: The Villages
"A1 has always put the customer first no matter what. I had ordered a ride one time and the driver that was sent to me had a flat tire. The owner himself got in a car and drove to my house to pick me up so I would not be late for work. This isn't common now adays when an owner actually cares enough

John Waters

Lives in: Leesburg
"Being driven by A1 Taxi everyday to work has not only helped me with not worrying abut transportation but it has also allowed me to become closer with the drivers. I have seen many of their employees pass through the company and have noticed single characteristic in each of them: Integrity. This ha

Margaret Jones

Lives in: The Villages
"I've been using A-1 Taxi daily for a year now and for good reasons. Being an individual who is not able to legally drive anything but a golf cart, I find A-1 Taxi to be the best value in the area, even more so than Uber with very courteous drivers.

Paul Dreyer

Lives in: The Villages
" Jason is awesome! He is a safe driver. "

Amber Feight

Lives in: Leesburg
" I like A1 Taxi because you are fair on the fares and caring drivers. I am recommending A1 to our friends. Keep on keeping on guys! "

Amber Feight

Lives in: Leesburg

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